The History of Homerton Baptist Church

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John Inward

Mr Inward left the church in Irthlingborough and became pastor in 1877. There was much praise for the church at the welcome service for Mr Inward. W Winters stated:

On treading the verge of places of renown, where famous men have laboured, like Daniel Curtis and the most recent pastor William Palmer, one who has a reverence for the dead in Christ feels a kind of scared awe, which is scarcely allowable by some.

The text expounded by Mr Banks at the welcome service was "Thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee."

There was some tension between the churches as recorded in the Earthen Vessel of 1877:

Between Homerton-row and ourselves there is a great gulf fixed; why, we know not; but, we are perfectly willing it should remain as deep and as wide as ever. We have no sympathy with those different sections of the professing Church, who build up walls of exclusiveness out of certain crotchets and cruel inferences. Where these walls are erected, we keep our distance, because, for over thirty years, we have seen no pure, permanent, or genuine prosperity ever can be found within the enclosures of fortresses so high, so hard, so death-like. To our large brother, Mr John Inward we must then say, "farewell, man of God, we never expect on earth to see thee again. Where thou art we never wish to come; where we may yet remain for a few days, we must not expect you to come. Farewell then brother."
Homerton Row Baptist Chapel

It is not clear what the problem was between the churches but the preaching of Mr Inward was not received well and he was asked to resign in April 1881. However the Lord did use his ministry as there were twenty-eight added to the church during his time.

On a lighter note the comment is made on the stature of the pastor, something our current pastor can gain much encouragement from:

We have for many years known and esteemed this 'great man', for he has grown a very large man indeed; and his mental developments have nearly kept pace with his physical.