The History of Homerton Baptist Church

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Pastor S T Belcher

Mr Belcher joined the church at the end of 1890 commencing his time as Pastor in 1891. The welcome service was held on June 30th 1891. Again the reminder was made of the continuance of the affirmation of faith that the church had declared since its beginnings:

The cause at Homerton-row is well known among lovers of the truth for its staunch adherence to the "old paths". Nothing but the New Testament order and practice will do for the church here.

The church said that they looked for three qualities in Mr Belcher. He was to be a man of truth, he was to build up the church and that he should be one that could be respected and loved. The Lord enabled Mr Belcher to achieve all these. When he joined there were only 38 members. But the Lord blessed the work of the church and during his time 125 joined. One of Mr Belcher's first baptisms at Homerton Row was the baptism of Mr Ernest Booth who was one of the first missionaries for the Strict Baptist Mission, (now Grace Baptist Mission). Mr Belcher resigned in 1904 to work at the church in Bexleyheath. He also served as Honorary Secretary for Strict Baptist Mission from 1903-4.

Homerton Row Baptist Chapel