Unity in Christ

Who are we?


All those who attend Homerton Baptist Church are just ordinary people much like anyone else. There are a number of different races, cultures, nations and backgrounds represented in the church. There is a wide age range from just a few months old to over 90! All have different abilities and gifts and there are many different occupations represented.

Unity In Christ

However, all the members have one thing in common. That is that we all have realised that in God’s sight we are sinners and have asked God to forgive and accept us by means of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for us. It is this common trust in Jesus Christ that unites us.


As a Baptist Church we believe that all who truly trust in Jesus Christ for salvation should be baptised, by immersion, as a testimony of their faith in him. It is only those who have been baptised who are full members of the church and can join us for the communion service which is held after the morning service on the first Sunday of the month and another is held during the evening service on the third Sunday.

Main Sources of Funding

The main source of income for the church is that which is received at the weekly offerings. These are used to support the Pastor and all other expenses.